Our Efforts

We want to help you a healthy
and sustainable planet. For you, and for your baby.

We Committed to Families

We support happy, healthy babies and their families. not with standing wherever they live. Your baby's skin is delicate and sensitive. It needs the utmost care and protection during her formative years. Skin irritation and rashes are a common occurrence during this time. Using the right baby care products helps in treating skin concerns.

We are committed to keep environment healthy

We've created a commitment to rigorously craft all of our formulas to be mild on the surroundings as a result of babies' development is influenced by the planet within which they grow old.

It's vital that we have a tendency to produce a world wherever each baby will thrive therefore here at Nunu we have a tendency to regularly push ourselves to enhance our environmental impact..

How NUNU's® keep environment healthy

  • We prioritise exploitation ingredients that don't seem to be harmful to aquatic life and ecosystems.

  • We estimate that a lot of economical processes can scale back water usage at our closely-held producing sites by regarding 2 hundredth.

We're proud to take part in the following programs to help protect the environment for future generations.

Care for the Environment

Nunu® Baby Care commits to meet all environmental rules and regulations in our industry and to strive to protect our environment through sound management practices and decisions. Nunu® Baby Care will prevent pollution by striving to minimize waste generation and resource consumption. Nunu® Baby Care will establish and evaluate achievable environmental performance goals to ensure continual improvement.

Awareness for Recycling

Recycling is an important waste management activity that conserves natural resources and reduces waste disposal costs. Our Care To Recycle program helps raise awareness about the importance of packaging materials recycling.

Reduce climate impacts

Our Big Goal is Reducing environmental impact by half.
our goal is to half the environmental footprint of the making and use of our products as we grow our business.


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