Fragrance & Scents

Fragrance & Scent: The Key to Lasting Memories

The Beauty of Our Scents

Scent plays an integral part in your baby's healthy development. The feelings of safety, happiness and ease that your touch creates are strengthened even more when you use baby products that enhance the massage experience through the power of scent. Smell, memory and emotion are intimately connected. Decades of research have shown that multi-sensory experiences are a key part of happy, healthy baby development.

Studies have shown babies bathtubed with a scented bath product showed 30% more engagement cues with their folks following a shower than babies bathed with unscented merchandise.

Keep Baby’s Skin Nourished

One of the most common concerns that you face as a new mother is the wellness of your newborn's delicate skin. You have to be extra careful about the products you choose for your baby, since chemicals, strong fragrances, and dyes in baby products can disturb your baby's skin health and lead to dryness and rashes. Your baby's skin is the first barrier against environmental changes. Keeping your baby's skin healthy and protected is crucial to keeping it well moisturized and hydrated at all times.


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